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Saturday, April 5, 2008


I am in a panic! Here I am about to go on a four day scrapbook retreat and I have lost the one thing that is absolutely essential to the scrapbooker - her life line - her reason for living...okay maybe I took it a step to far, but nearly her reason for living! I have lost my memory card you know that little tiny micro chip thingy that holds all of your digital pictures. The little thingy that I have been telling myself I need to develop and transfer the 500 photo's to actual prints so that I can scrapbook them! Isn't it funny how are mom's had the same issue except that it was a roll of film rather then a memory card. I personally think they were better off because at least there roll only held 27 photos so if they were an (idiot) and lost the roll, it hasn't the first five years of there child's life.

So here I am, in a panic...the worst part about it is my fault (did I just admit that on the web, to be forever remembered?) because I remember thinking and I know you have thought this so don't laugh...this is important I will put it somewhere so I don't loss it!

So now I am considering the possibility of scrapbooking all weekend long without a photo, a inspiration, or camera to take pictures of this disaster! I guess I could just hang out in the hotel bar without a care in the world! I could use that, but I know about ten minutes after I get home I will find the tiny thingy in the very smart place I put it!

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