Inspiration Artwork

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christmas Card Workshop #1 - 10/26 at 3:00pm

All the cards included in the workshop

My first Christmas Card workshop features Evensong creative basics, color New England Ivy, Cranberry. Stamp set used December Word Puzzle, Star Struck, Circle Around. Make 4 each of 5 designs cost is $15.00 or get kit for $20.00 RSVP by 10/15 Additional Workshops to follow with different color palettes, paper packs and stamps. Merry Christmas!

October Card Club 10/26 2:00pm

October Card Club Designs

First Official Christmas Card (scary) paper piecing

Annotations STOM for October

Happy Birthday and Halloween

This October Card Club has turned out so cute - plus I think I covered all upcoming occasions! Join us on 10/26 at 2:00pm and make 20 cards in 2 hours. Cost is $15.00 or get a kit by mail for $20.00 Plus stay tuned I will be posting my Christmas Card Workshop #1 tomorrow. Christmas Card workshop is on 10/26 as well but at 3:oopm. More info to follow RSVP by 10/15

My Convention Contest Entry

Pure Joy
Back Yard Paradise

A day at the beach

Eyelet's to highlight the picture.


I was able to attend convention this year in Orlando. I entered into the contest and unfortunately did not make it in the top ten, but I have a beautiful album to showcase my CTMH when doing home gatherings. Nona Davenport a sideline of mine won with an amazing album. Check out her blog at I learned a little about what CTMH is looking for and I am excited for Washington DC. I love entering Contest ... I am a little competitive I guess that's why my other job is a personal trainer.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Handmade Home Decor

This is an old window frame that I scrapbooked 16 by 12 pages on. I placed the pages behind the window and added chipboard in front of the window. It sitts in my dinning room and I love it.

This Star is created using a rustic star and modge podge it hangs in my entry way.

This frames are from Ikea but I changed out the mountings to match the rest of the decor.
Scrapbooking has moved from our pages to our walls and shelves. My home is full of home decor made with scrapbooking supplies. I thought I would share my home decor. What fun items do you have hanging from your walls?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can you think about Christmas!

I have been trying to think about Christmas to start getting ready for the Christmas Card Workshops I do...I have to admit I am just not ready! I want summer for a little longer. Maybe I will get inspired at my upcoming retreat.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Swap Spoiler and more!

Lil' somethin fun!

Swap Spoiler

Retreat Swap

Here is a swap spoiler for those of you who are attending my retreat next week! I am so excited I can hardly wait to pack my little car full of a 100lbs of paper, 50lbs of embellishments and tons of inks and stamps. So if you see a little Scion cruising at mock 1 down I5 next week, just wave cause I have no time to chat. I am on my way to what I like to call heaven: A weekend full of beautiful papers, ribbons, stamps and friends. Did I mention my mom is there as our personal chef...she makes some mean mash potato's and fried chicken. But I think I am most excited...(you momma's will get this) to sleep a full night through no interuptions!!!

Whoo0 Loves You!

Whooo loves you! I love this stamp set and I picked up the stickers at the Ben Franklin's. So cute.
Paper : Scenic Route Patterned CTMH Cardstock
Stickers: Hambly Studios
Stamps: Whooo Loves You CTMH
Ink: Black, Coco, Tulip CTMH

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulling out the Scraps!

As soon as a new catalog comes out I usually dive into the new paper lines without looking back, but I decided today to pull out the scraps and all those unused stickers. Now I usually get 8-10 pages out of each line and then cards too. I sometime struggle with cards because as a scrapbooker - I have a problem I cannot stop adding embellishments - that works most the time with layouts but cards get cluttered quick. These cards feature an older line, but one of my favorites Freespirit. So enjoy!

Take time to create!

Next week is my second CTMH Retreat for my friends, customers and downline. I always have treats and some free products for them to create with. Last year they made a 6x6 album see retreat slideshow before this time it is a good old fashion layout contest. I made these cylinders for candy and goodies. Do you save containers and say I could make something cute out of those? These are Crystal Light containers. I decorated them with Perfect Day and stamped them with September Word Puzzle. Flowers are from Target. I can't wait to share all the artwork we create and the contest entries with. There are still 2 spaces available email me for details.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last 4 pages for October Scrapbook Club & Retreat

I love the notebook line. These layouts use the new notebook line and stickease, Rub-ons, Make it Count stamp set, Classmate Stamp set, dimensional elements, black ink, Crystal ink, Desert Sand Ink, and Coco Ink. I am teaching these layouts ant the two from yesterday's post on 10/10 at 9:30am and 7:00pm cost is $25.00 for Basic $40.00 for better and $60.00 for Best.
Basic $25.00 : Includes Paper, Stickers, Ribbon
Better $40.00: Includes Paper, Stickers, Ribbon Dimension Elements, Black Ink
Best $60.00: Includes Paper, Stickers, Ribbon, Dimensional Elements, Black Ink, Choice of Stamp set.
Buy the kit with directions add $5.00 shipping or book a workshop and make these pages with your friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 Page October and Retreat 8 page

Here are two of the 4 layouts for Scrapbook Club October and Scrapbook Club at the Retreat. The cost is $25.00 and includes all supplies. Bring your own adhesive and cutter. Everything shown is CTMH except the notebook piece of paper (pink) that is making memories. Hopefully, I will have the final two finished tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How I use my CTMH stamps!

So, I was thinking about how I am a scrapbooker to my core. For those of you who are as well, you understand that it can be hard to add stamping into your scrapbooking if you have never done it before. Most of us stick to the chipboard, rub ons and all the other expensive embellishments rather then stamping. But since becoming a CTMH consultant stamping has just become a natural thing in my layouts. In this layout I actually still use some pop up leather letters, but I added in stamping which I think really completely the title. It add dimension and color. So, I challenge you to use your stamps...I know stamping can be like stickers too much of a good thing can be scary so add a little stamping here and there and I think you will be surprised at how much you love it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, this is an old layout as wekk that features scenic route. I actually was at the end of a retreat and decided I woould cut the pieces...throw them down and glue them where they landed. Then I added some doodling and ta-da (Carter new favorate word ta-da ooohhh that is a great title for a layout) Enjoy. Hope to have fresh artwork this weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2008


So this week I have just been creatively challenged, because of that I am posting old pics of layout I have done. I just got a new box of stuff from CTMH. With new products maybe I can find my inspiration. Let's hope. I will try to get some new stuff posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat Openings

Moosehead Cabin Scrapbook Retreat!

October 3rd - 5th

Join us in Keycenter Washington for our semi-annual scrapbook retreat. Enjoy three days of scrapbooking and homemade meals. Cost is $185.00 and includes a 4-6ft table to yourself, meals (see below), free CTMH classes, card swap and layout contest. Moosehead cabin sits on the waterfront and has a pool and hot tub for enjoyment. There are three bedrooms to king rooms and a bunk room. Arrive Friday at 9am and check out it Sunday at 3:00pm Meals included are:

Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Contential Breakfest, Lunch, and Dinner
Sunday: Brunch
Please call or email me at 253-561-2504 or

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creative Block

It is amazing to me how quickly you can go from whipping out the cards and layouts to a creative block. I have been sitting here today and cannot get inspired. These are the cards I have made but I am not happy with any of them. I am sharing with you only to show that I hit creative blocks too. Let see if I can fix it somehow.