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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Stamping Challenge

Who needs patterned paper, when you can create your own with CTMH stamps. I am in love with our new month stamp set. I used the May Word Puzzle and the April Word Puzzle to creat my invites for the month of May. Here is the best way to create random stamping. Send me your pics!

Random Stamping

Random stamping is a great way to create your own personalized background paper. However there are a few tips to keep in mind to help create a great “random” stamped piece.

1. Start with your biggest stamp first.

2. Continue adding more images with gradually smaller stamps.

3. Let images touch and even overlap.

4. For depth uses 2nd & 3rd generation images.

5. Don’t feel you have to fill every available space just because the stamp will fit into a “hole.”

6. Stamp off the edge of the paper.

Tip: When first learning this technique you may want to use only one ink color with each stamp. You may also want to create “triangles” as you work your way across the page.

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