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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Secret Issue!

So I came to a realization recently, that I have a secret I must confess. I realized the reason I have no photo's to scrapbook is because I have not been taking pictures! I know a crisis right! Well, the question was why? I thought about it and came to a few different conclusions.
1. I have been working too much! ( Yes, I mean scrapbooking!)
2. I have become bored with the same old photos!
3. I hate being put into a box (Christmas Layouts )
4. I need a new camera.
5. I am uninspired (no photo's)
I realized this when speaking with my hostess Jen. She is very well respected in the Scrapbook industry and has been working in the industry for a long time. She too...had essentially been burnt out and had not scrapbooked in forever. We talked late into the night and I realized I am ready to move to the next chapter of my scrapbooking. I want to scrapbook the meaningful stuff, the stuff that matters and maybe that stuff isn't just a holiday or event. Maybe that stuff is picking flowers on a Sunday afternoon. I want to scrapbook my life, because although the everyday is exactly that...everyday - there are these brief moments that set that day a part. Small but so important. So Jen told me to take pictures everyday and I have. An amazing thing has happened in just the last few days. I am excited by the moments I have captured and although they seem as if they are just another day. They are the moments that put together create the design of my life and my family life. They are the magical moments.
So thank you Jen. I have also ordered the book she suggested PhotoFreedom and signed on to a website called Big Picture. (Go to and go to classes) I plan on reading the book and reorganizing the way I scrapbook because these are my family memories and I can't get burnt out, they're too magical.

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