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Friday, August 28, 2009

Own It - Top 5 Leadership - The Power to Transform




At our Leadership Convention I was in the own it layout contest. My own it was the power to transform.

You may be thinking I am crazy for posting these pictures but I know that I will never be that miserable person in the photo again because I own who I am both physically and mentally. I made the choice to change.

Before I became a personal trainer there was along and amazing journey or should I say battle to loose the weight I had put on.

When I was in HS I was always thin never had to think about diet or exercise at all. I went to college and ate....lots of cheese, pizza, mashed potatoes and Lucky Charms because I was lonely an isolating myself. For about two years I blamed everyone mostly my husband for me being fat. I ended up 40lbs over weight and miserable. I even went to the DR.'s to see if I had a slow thyoid ( some of you have thought you had low thyroid so don't laugh) The Dr. told me basically no you just need to exercise and eat right....I thought stupid doctor I do eat good :) Then I hit my rock grandma said " Honey, you are just going to be FLUFFY like Grandma." I thought HELL NO!

That was it I made the choice...the choice to transform. I worked hard for about 9months to a year lost the weight got down to 127!!! Then I got pregnant went right back up to 172! As soon as I had that baby I was back working to get down again. I had a wedding dress to fit into. I was able to get to 130 in 6 months. I fit into a size 6 wedding dress. But my story wasn't over.

I had been helping friends and family loose weight and I came up with an idea a weight loss boot camp. The Body Camp Challenge was born. My idea...but Katie the owner of the gym designed the plan that is changing so many lives. Now as a trainer I help others lose weight and feel good about who they are.

Why, am I blabbing on and on because I want you to know that you have the power to transform not only your body but your mind. It is a simply a choice you choose to transform. Then you make a plan to succeed!

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